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With an average temperature over the summer of 80 degrees, the Mt. Pleasant people are not the only ones enjoying the great weather and the family barbecue. Many of the 654 bugs of Michigan call Mt. Pleasant home. Some are a mere nuisance, and others can cause catastrophic health issues. Whichever they may be, professional pest control is required to keep these pests under control.
We provide strong protection against various local insects, including boxelder bugs, bed bugs, carpenter ants, hornets, spiders, cockroaches, and more.

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Stink Bugs

Aside from eating ornamental trees and shrubs, this pest releases a horrible smell to attract others. This highly invasive species can cause numerous problems for crops and the comfortable environment within your home. When disturbed or crushed, chemicals produced in their abdominal gland can be sprayed up to several inches and last several hours, making the stink bug a formidable nuisance. Infestations can quickly get out of hand.

Bed Bugs

It can be a severe nuisance disrupting sleep and spread through your home quickly. Bed Bugs are attracted to humans and your pets, as their only food source is mammal blood. They travel into your home or business, riding in on luggage, bags, clothing, or furniture. People who have compromised immune systems, or are subject to heightened allergic conditions, can suffer severe allergic reactions to bed bug bites.

Carpenter Ants

These invasive ants can damage your home or property by burrowing through the wood to make nests. As the ants bore through the wood, they create long, smooth tunnels that weaken the structure. They build their nests in moist areas such as the wall behind your dishwasher or columns on your porch.


They cause damage to many types of paper, fabric, furniture, carpet, rubber, leather goods, and wood in their search for food. They are attracted to any material that has been soiled with food or smells of sweat. They can be very destructive to young plants and flowers in your garden.

Home Loan Inspections

Get a visual examination and inspection of your home's physical structure and systems. We can do a pest inspection for wood-destroying pests and get you all the required documentation you need.

Warrior Pest Solutions

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We will get rid of your pests in a reasonable amount of time or give you your money back. We will do everything we can to make to happy and 100% satisfied with the results. We carry $1 million in liability insurance for your protection and the safety of your property. Get in touch with us today.